The desire for breast augmentation can have a variety of backgrounds, which can also have psychological effects on a woman’s self-confidence. Whether you want to enlarge your breasts or correct malformations; we apply the most modern surgical techniques for both breast reconstruction with autologous fat and for the use of high-quality silicone implants. Thus, a breast surgery in Mallorca can be carried out exactly according to your wishes and ideas.

Why patients choose breast augmentation in Mallorca with Dr Christian Wolf


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The reasons why women decide for a breast augmentation are diverse and can be purely aesthetic in nature or have health-related causes. In the following video, you will find all the important information about breast augmentation.


Gabriele F.

I have been living in Mallorca for ½ a year and went to see Dr Wolf, a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, based on a recommendation – he also has a very appealing practice in Mallorca / Palma.

Dr Wolf seemed to me to be extremely competent, personable and at the same time sensitive to my wishes. He gave me first-class advice in all matters, which is not the case with every plastic surgeon today. In the meantime, I have had several treatments carried out by Dr Wolf and I am absolutely satisfied. The aftercare was always first class, which is extremely important.

I can recommend Dr Wolf with a clear conscience, am already looking forward to my next appointment and would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Wolf and his team for the always excellent results.

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Ruben A.

Dr Christian Wolf is an outstanding doctor whose expertise and empathy set him apart. He always takes the time to respond to his patients’ needs and explains treatment options clearly and comprehensibly.

His friendly and attentive manner creates a pleasant atmosphere in the practice. I have always felt well looked after by him and can highly recommend him.

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Your advantages of breast surgery with Dr Christian Wolf

Brief information on breast surgery

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For a more detailed explanation of our techniques, Dr Christian Wolf is available for a personal meeting. The first consultation for breast augmentation in Mallorca is always non-binding and, of course, free of charge.

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    What breast surgery methods do we use?

    Breast augmentation with implants

    To meet the desires of every woman, we offer a variety of breast augmentation methods in our clinic in Mallorca, including the use of premium silicone implants. Depending on the anatomy and preferences of our patients, the surgical techniques may vary; before the breast surgery, we check whether the incision can be discreetly made in the under-breast fold or if a visible cut in the areola is necessary. To achieve a particularly natural result both in feel and appearance, we recommend placing the breast implant behind the large pectoral muscle. However, in special cases, placement behind or above all four pectoral muscles is also possible.

    Breast augmentation with autologous fat

    Do you desire a slight and particularly natural breast augmentation? In this case, we offer breast surgery with autologous fat (lipofilling). This method consists of 2 uncomplicated steps: In the first step, fat tissue is suctioned from a site of your choice, which is then used to enlarge the breast in the second step. Thus, no foreign bodies need to be inserted, as would be the case with anatomical implants. Through very small incisions of 3 millimeters, an inconspicuous, almost invisible scar healing is guaranteed.

    Breast Augmentation Mallorca

    Before and after pictures


    What does breast augmentation cost in Mallorca?

    Since the prices for a breast surgery can vary depending on the scope and type of procedure, we will of course inform you about all costs before your operation.

    These questions are asked by our patients about breast augmentation

    Is it possible to finance breast augmentation?

    Breast surgery is often associated with high costs. To still fulfill patients’ desires for aesthetic breasts, many doctors offer installment payments.

    Do health insurance companies cover the costs of breast augmentation?

    If there is a medical need for breast surgery, for example due to an illness, malformation or underdevelopment, the health insurance company will cover or subsidise the costs of breast surgery. An associated enlargement of the breasts can also be financed by the health insurance company.

    What should one pay attention to after breast augmentation?

    In the first weeks after the breast surgery, you should rest as much as possible and sleep on your side for the first 1 to 1 ½ months. During this time, you should also avoid strenuous activities as well as visits to the sauna and sunbathing.

    Are there risks associated with breast augmentation?

    Surgery is always associated with risks, which can be largely minimized by an experienced surgeon. Possible complications after breast surgery include wound infections, postoperative bleeding, or disturbances in scar and wound healing.

    What conditions must be met for breast augmentation?

    For a patient to feel comfortable with their breast augmentation and for the results to meet their expectations, a detailed preliminary consultation and a transparent approach are mandatory. Naturally, your doctor should be familiar with the latest techniques and use the best materials and tools.

    Dr. Christian Wolf Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery

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