Consultation with Dr. Christian Wolf without obligation

Plastic surgery procedures are performed for purely aesthetic and functional reasons. No matter if you decide for a breast augmentation, a facelift or any other treatment: Let Dr. Wolf consult with you without obligation to discuss your exact ideas.

    Dr. Christian Wolf Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery

    At Dr. Wolf, you can expect a competent consultation on cosmetic surgery

    With optical surgery, a patient’s needs should always take precedence over the doctor’s ideals. Dr. Christian Wolf will therefore inform you in a detailed and competent consultation about all treatment options and implement your ideas ideally. Of course, you will be informed about all procedures, risks and costs beforehand, so that you do not have to expect any unpleasant surprises.

    Here you can find us in Mallorca

    Camilo José Cela, 20
    ES – 07014 Palma de Mallorca (Illes Balears)